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SALVONI LAW FIRM provides his clients with personalized and high quality assistance, including wide ranges of competence and services, a marked attitude for research and an efficient timing. The firm has also, in Italy and abroad, the collaboration of External Professionals and has developed a language competence, being able to supply directly assistance in Italian, English, Russian and German.




Salvoni law firm is capable to assist and represent at best natural person and legal entity in front of jurisdictional organs, assuring determination, strictness and attitude for research; the professionals deal with litigation in civil subjects, in tutoring industrial rights, in family law, in company law, in fiscal, in tax, and in bankruptcy law.


Salvoni law firm has developed a particular expertise in matters concerning private and commercial international law, in settling an issue relating which law has to be brought into force, in settling the jurisdiction, and in the executions of verdicts in different fields.
The law firm has got experience in international trading, in transferring technologies, in Italy and abroad, in establishing company investments, and in protecting both corporate and private clients.


Salvoni law firm offers advice relating tax and fiscal problems which are connected to optimize the structures of the companies, and to the various operations of real estate and company law.
In this context also supplies legal representation and protection in jurisdictional procedures.


Salvoni law firm gives advice concerning the development of real estate projects and investments, the stipulation of contracts, sale contracts, supply contracts and financing contracts, and also attending the execution of bureaucratic fulfilments and administrative practices.


Salvoni law firm assumed a particular competence as consultant in companies insolvency and in the assistance of bankruptcy proceedings, relating especially to the arrangement with creditors, company reorganizations, recovering credits and the insinuations.



Salvoni law firm supplies a complete assistance in labour law, in social security and also gives advice on these areas:

  • Contracts of agency, of procuring business, of mediation and of self-employment;
  • Dismissal procedures;
  • Responsibility of the employer;
  • Welfare duties.



Salvoni law firm provides a comprehensive service in all company activities, from the formation to the ordinary administration, concerning all the problems regarding the management.
The activity includes the formation and the organization of new firms, the drawing up of company acts and contracts, and the trade disputes.
The office also assists it own clients in company mergers and acquisitions, in forming and dissolving temporary firm associations, assignments and acquisitions of shares and of goods and company branches.


Salvoni law firm deals with national and international protection and commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights, including litigation and management aspects, protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights, negotiating contracts for the licensing, advising publishers and drafting publishing agreements and agreements for acquisition of rights and registering designs and trade marks.

The office has extensive expertise also in Communication law and in Information Technology


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